Vedha Class

The state of things in this country for the past 100 years or so is such that the Vedas are being brought to the notice of the people of this country, the land of the Vedas, through the published works of Western Orientalists. 

In fact the Vedas are never intended to be written down and read. Veda Adhyayana implied hearing from the lips of the teacher and repeating after him. That is why in ancient Tamil classics, the Vedas are referred to as Ezhutaakkilavi , unwritten book. Veda Paatakaas, who learn from books, are included among the six classes of inferior scholars.
The other five classes are those who recite the Vedas musically, those who recite very fast, those who shake their heads while reciting, those who do not know the meaning, and those who have a poor voice. This is made clear in the following verse :

       Geetee seeghree sirahkampee tatha likhita paatakah 
       anarthajnah alpakanthascha shadete paatakaadhamaah.

We also conduct the Vedha class. If anyone willings to join Vedha class please contact us.

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