Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why gents are not allowed to wear shirts?

A: Main reason being the power of Sri Danvantri should fall on us with vibration .

Q: Why is there no Hundi or plate collection by the priest?

A: Devotees will not be forced to make offerings .

Q: Do we have to bring anything for Pooja or Archana?

A: We do not allow archana for individuals but the Pooja is only for global welfare. .

Q: What is the main objective of the Peedam?

A: Our concept is only homam. .

Q: Is there any space for Car Parking?

A:  Yes .

Q: Are cottages available?

A: No. .

Q: Is there any other offering available?

A: Every day we feed 100 persons under Annadhanam. If devotees are interested, they can offer. For details contact Danvantri Peedam. .

Q: Is there any special homam for individuals?

A: On request we will do special homams. For details, contact Sri Muralidhara Swamigal- 09443330203. .

Q: What are the working hours of the Peedam?

A:  The Peedam will be open from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. There is no break in the afternoon. .

Q: At what time is the global welfare pooja being conducted?

A: Every day in the morning at 9.00 a.m., and in the evening at 6.00 p.m. a Special Aarathi will be conducted. .

Q: Is it allowed to wear Burmudas, Lungi, Caps , or any leather garments for gents?

A: No not allowed. Gents are allowed to wear Full Pant / Dhothy. Half pants/ bumudas / shirts / banian / caps / leather jackets / etc are not allowed in side our temple premises.

Q: For Ladies Sarees/ Half sarees / Chudi with tops are allowed.

A: You can content your self accordingly to incorporate in the FAQ.  Kindly update on top priority and let us keep informed after completion.

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