Agnihotram is the most simple, efficacious and sacred ritual for total wellbeing and happiness which has ever been bestowed on mankind by Sarveswara, the Supreme Creator.

Maha PeedamAgnihotram is the diminutive form of the Maha Peedam Herbal Sacrificial Fire as ordained from SARVESWARA, the Supreme Creator. Agnihotra is the synthesis of Agni Deva and the feminine counterpart of Hotra. Agni (Fire) is the WILL of BRAHMAM and the manifestation of SARVESWARA. Agnihotram is the ritual of receiving AGNI.

The Swamiji Theory on Maha Peedam Secular Agnihotram is an effective and simple spiritual ritual for every one irrespective caste, creed or nationality. It is a Vedic practice which brings prosperity, peace , inner purification, purification of the environment, harmony with nature, happiness and total wellness. The efficacy of the Maha Peedam Agnihotram is the sum total of the combined works of supra-spirituality and the subtle sciences.

Agnihotram is very powerful and effective method of outer worship (sagunopasana) developed by Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal. Anyone irrespective of caste, creed or nationality may perform Agnihotram in houses and offices etc. This outer worship naturally leads to inner worship (Nirgunopasana) by which supra cosmic power (and cosmic powers as via invocation) become invisibly present, showering inexpressible on all who attend this ritual. Thus one's belief in cosmic power grows and strengthens as the fire grows, leading ultimately leads to an experience of truth from a scientific perspective. It is evinced that henceforth the forty-four Vedic Deities (who have been in existence in the spiritual realm for the past 69000 years) will be with those who perform Maha Peedam Agnihotram, as long as participants maintain sanctity, purity and devotion.

Agnihotra Homakunda

In shape, Agnihotra Homakunda (vessel or pot) is like a small mud or copper pad. Its shape is the most efficient and most powerful of its kind. The subtle bio-cosmic energy waves that emanate from the Agnihotra pot illicit modifications in the atmosphere which banish deleterious elements and bring about positive changes in health and well-being. The vessel or pot also attracts (in a spiritual way) cosmic rays to itself.

Harmful bacteria and other pollutants are neutralized immediately and the atmosphere remains clean and healthful for at least twelve hours following the ceremony.

Animal Products Are Forbidden

As the Agnihotra fire is lit in the Homakunda pot, it is mixed with navadhanya, unpolished rice, wheat and raggi. In each session, these are offered into the fire as oblations along with the chanting of prescribed mantras. The atmosphere around the entire site of the ceremony performance becomes purified. The ordainment received from Sarvewsara does not permit cow-ghee-and-rice as oblations. Swamiji studies have clearly shown that Godly energies cannot be propitiated with animal products such as ghee, dry cow dung cakes, milk, agarbati or camphor etc.


Extremely positive vibrations and effects of the Agnihotram extend from twelve to eighteen kilometre from the site where it is performed.

Unhealthy and negative energies are dispelled.

Peace, unity and harmony are reported in the families where Agnihotram is performed It is not possible for others to speak or behave rudely to any Agnihotri (one who participates in Agnihotram) Protection from all supra-cosmic and cosmic powers is assured because of the changed attitude of participants.

Agnihotram is implicitly an act of social wellness.

The empty Agnihotra homakunda radiates positive energy three feet above it following the fire ceremony.

The Mahabhasmam functions as the best organic manure.

One who has performed Agnihotram acquires clarity of thought and the ability to make right decisions.

The intellect is no longer confused with complex thoughts or emotions.

Agnihotram provides protection and prevents mental (or thought) attack.

In the divine presence of Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal

In the Agnihotram the following Godly energies were invoked through the corresponding Mantras and rendering oblations.

1 Presence of Supra Cosmic Powers


It was observed that PARABHMAM remained on the consecrated peedam and showered Blessings to each and every participant in the Agnihotram.


SARVESWARA was observed moving around the consecrated peedam and appeared before each and every participant for the purpose cleansing and removing blockages. This paved the way for Ashtaishwarya , the eight graces. 2. Presence of Vedic Deities / Gods


SARVESWARA was also observed to be moving around from the consecrated peedam cleansing each and every participant and rendering purification for Ashtaishwarya.


AGNIDEVAN was also observed to be moving all around the participants leaving the consecrated peedam to bestow cleansing upon everyone so that they may achieve Ashtaishwarya.


INDRAN also purified every participant who was seated in the room which cleared the path for them to receive Ashtaishwarya.


VARUNAN was observed moving away from the consecrated peedam and circumambulating every participant for the purpose of clearing blockages pertaining to Ashtaishwarya.


All the Forty-four VEDIC GODS were present to bless everyone and lead them towards the enjoyment of Ashtaishwarya in their lives.

Agnihotram Analysis

Summary of interaction

All Godly Energies will disappear soon after the prostration (Namaskaram) by the last participant

All Godly Energies except Agnidevan and Vedic Gods will leave for Maha Peedam centre.

The Draviyam that is used during Agnihotram is employed only for the cleansing of the participants

The presence of Parabrahmam will remain in our home if the Agnihotram is carried out in the proper way by following a few simple instructions.

Performing the Agnihotram in a North/East direction is Ideal.

The performer or Agnihotri will receive +9 Empowerment.

The participants will also receive a 9+ Empowerment.

Participating or attending twice a day will receive an 18+ Empowerment.

The Homa kunda creates a +6 empowerment and it is amplified up to a +3 Empowerment upon chanting prescribed Mantras.

The very powerful presence of both Matha Sarveswari and Adiparashakthi was observed during Agnihotram.

The effect generated by the the homa kunda during the Agnihotram spread up to twelve kilometers in radius from the site where the ceremony was conducted.

Changes are brought through Panchaboothas (5 elements).

In humans, behavioral and attitudinal changes will take place in due course following Agnihotram.

The Ashtaishwarya presence will be remain for everyone and the benefits from that presence will be derived in due course.

Harmful insects will be cast away from the spot where Agnihotram is performed.

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