Sasti Aptha Poorthi

During the life time of a person, especially from the 54th Birth day onwards Kaamyartha Prayaschitha Karma seeking good health, Veda Uktha Poorna Aayu: and remedy from all sins starts. Shaanthi at 54th Birth date is called Bheema Shaanthi. 

At 59th birth date another Shaanthi Yagna to be conducted called Ugra Ratha Shaanthi .When a person he or she is completing his/her 60 th birth day - on that date a shaanthi Yagna to be conducted with the help of learned vedic pandits- to ward off all evils that may affect the kartha in the continuing years. 

As reported in the sruthies, the following dushta grahaas like Kala yavana, yamala, sudoomra etc would create APA-MRUTHYU to the person concerned, as well as affect the health of his/her parents/ spouses children etc;. soon after the completion of his first cycle of Sashti Samvatsara. ( Our Samvatsara Cycle consists 60 years starting from Prabhava, Vibhava, etc. 

In the cycle of years the current year is called "VYAYA:-up to say 14th of April-2007 ) To ward off from Bhootha- Pretha - Mruthyu Bhaya and to get rid of all sins acquired till then - this Kaamyartha Sashti Abdha Poorthi karma should be performed. During this shaanthi one also seek from the God- good health and poorna Aayu: for himself as well as for his family members.

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