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Anbumani Arumugam

A very happy teachers day to all my teachers, professors, spiritual gurus and people whom I have had the pleasure of acquainting myself with through my life's journey. The hardest paths are not treaded alone or as a loner as I ve had the opportunity to push myself a bit more due to the sheer presence of such people and forces of nature. A special day of remembrance for me to thank Susan Tinsley Gooden, Dr.K.Usha, Vetri, Madhu Akka, Madhan Anna, my gurus and Danvantri Arogya Peedam. I truly believe Destiny is not my chance but by one's choice but sometimes our choices need direction and guidance and suppor

Miss Maris from ESTONIA 14.12.2015

I loved the Temple, the surrounding and people here every one are so nice. I am happy to help this temple to develop better, bigger and more beautiful.


This place is very good, peaceful and welcoming place. I think this place is good opportunity to bring people back to the Fire. To connect them again with Fire. This temple helps many people to clean and calm them. My suggestion would be to make a little more where are both sides lot of candles/lights or a room where people can sit surrounding by candles/lights. I wish this place to have a long life so it would help lot of people.



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