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Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal is a man of simple living and high thinking, who has been blessed with number of supernatural powers (siddhis) by cosmic powers and energies of the universe and beyond. His parents are Sri. Srinivasan, Retired Teacher and Smt. Komalavalli, house wife. He is born in a family of vedic scholars and has been inculcated in the value and traditions of Indian civilisation of helping others and working for the welfare of the mankind. He has devoted his entire time, money and energies working for the removal of sufferings, fellow human beings and has cured innumerable diseases, solved financial, social, economic, even political problems of all the people who approached him for help. He has been blessed by all God men as he is always shown respect to all of them even though he has innumerable supernatural powers within himself and rarely shows or exhibits anything publicly. The greatness of a man is known by his simplicity. His followers and disciples address him as swamiji, guruji, peedathipathy, doctor, healer. As one of the disciple once said he is the only present day saint who does not show off, demands anything from anybody, never expects anything in return for the chantings and spiritual cure he has done for them. He wears a eight yards cotton dhoti in South Indian tradition and has always smiling attitude.

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