Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam - Sacred Centre of Indian Culture, being a "Universal Peedam" of healing and Lord Danvantri Himself being the Doctor of Medicines, God of Health and Doctor of Doctors, there are no limitations or contradictions based on the perspective of religion, nationality, caste and creed.

And we wish that your ailments will be healed in this Peedam and enjoy a very happy and healthy life.

The Peedam is open on six days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Danvantri Peedam is opened on all days except Monday.
Peedam will be remained open on Mondays as exceptional cases for special pujas.
Entry into the Peedam is free.

Rules to be followed in the Peedam

Remove slippers.
Electronic devices like camera, mobile phones, ipads, etc. not allowed.
Dress Code : Gents should remove their upper body garments. Ladies and girls should wear traditional decent dresses.

Alcohol, Tobacco, smoking and drugs are not allowed inside the peedam.

Outside foods not allowed inside the peedam.
No pets are allowed.
Matchbox, Petrol, Kerosene are prohibited inside the peedam. 
Maintain strict silence inside the peedam by which the all devotees can pray peacefully without any disturbances.

1. Is it allowed to wear Burmudas, Lungi, Caps , or any leather garments for gents?

No not allowed. Gents are allowed to wear Full Pant / Dhothy. Half pants/ bumudas / shirts / banian / caps / leather jackets / etc are not allowed in side our temple premises.

2. For Ladies Sarees/ Half sarees / Chudi with tops are allowed. 

You can content your self accordingly to incorporate in the FAQ.  Kindly update on top priority and let us keep informed after completion

No Hundial
It is a peedam with a difference. There is no hundial here.
Right from the early days, the Danvantri Arogya Peedam has never collected 'donations' whatsoever. The contributions have all been done voluntarily by the interested devotees. There is no hundial on the premises as the authorities believe that all contributions should be self-initiated ones. The peedam does welcome any support and help to further any of its plans.

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