1,008 sumangalis participated in special sumangali puja held on 30th January 2015

1008 sumangalis participated in special sumangali puja held on 30th january 2015

In Vellore District, valajapet, keezhpudupet at danvantri peedam in the interest of the people in the world, 1008 sumangali puja with special sri suktha homam and karba rakshambigai yagam are conducted

In this, 1008 sumangalis participated and they joinely prayed for unity between husband and wife, to get strenght of mangalyam, to live long life, to get healthy life, to get sophisticated life, to remove the problems between the family, to get childrens, and all other problems to be solved.

Moreover, the Vellore District Collector Dr. Mr.Nand Gopal , Walajapet Mr. tehsil Manila , revenue inspector Mr . Suresh , the Village Administrative Kalyanaraman officer , piriyatarsni and iranippettai Government officials , high court officials , local leaders , Rajshekar , they are participated in this event.

Things which are placed in the event of puja like manjal, kumkum, mangalyam, mirror, comb, betels, fruits, flowers, saree, danvantri photo, danvantri prasadam, danvantri bag, sweets and annaprasatham are distributed

The things which are needed for puja are provided by New Delhi srimathi, sri A.V. Venkatnath, chennai, Mr.pattabiraman and devotees.

By keeping more than 10 vedic player, the homams are specially conducted. At the end of the homam,special abishegam are done to aarokya lakshmi devi and maragatheshwara samatha maragatheswari with kalasa theertham.

special annadhanam are also conducted.In this event, more devotees are happily participated. Mrs.Nirmala muralitharan did arrangements for this event said by muralithara swamigal.

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