10,00,000 cardamom used in homam for Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar Homam and special Annadhanam was also conducted

At Danvantri peedam, 3rd day of sri lakshmi hayagreevar homam are done with 10lakh cardamon and special annadhanam also conducted. Moreover, the students to get good result and to be united the special homams are conducted with 10 lakh cardamon. Today IN Purnahuti with special perfumes , also added two million cardamon. Mr. R.pattabiraman,chennai from danvantri family, Retired bank officer Mr.mohan from homam, vellore Mr. Sengalvarayan,chennai, Mr. Srinivasa prasad,thiruninravur, and Mrs.sheela naganathan are participated. Joinely school management, teachers and students are participated. In this event thousands of students are got free note books and pens. Tomorrow( 4.01.2015) sri hayagreevar homam wil be conducting. All of them are participate in this event . Moreover, in the event of siva panjasakshari yagam evening 4.1.2015 poorvanga puja are going to conduct. This newa was said by sri muralithara swamigal.

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