24 Hours 27 Homam at Danvantri Peedam on 14th Dec to 15th Dec. 2014.

Benefits of 24 Hours 27 Homas - Akanda Homam 
Benefits of Ganesha Homam - Done to achieve the desired or planned objective, Ganesha Homa prospers the lives of, Businessmen who aim for victory in their new ventures and business, People who suffer from losses, Investors who invest in a new venture. 

Benefits of Lakshmi Narasimha Homam - It is believed that Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is virtually present all over in this world and fulfill the needs of his devotees. In addition, one can be able to gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom with this homam to lead a successful life. 

Benefits of Santhana Parameswara Homam - For progeny what better God to worship than Shiva the creator? Santhana Parameswara Homam is performed with the prescribed articles and abhishekam is done. 

Benefits of Neela Saraswathi Homam - Gifts with sharp memory, intelligence, and communication skills. Instills confidence in the individual to accomplish great success. Students who are high spirited and aiming for success in examinations. Students who are less confident and want to improvise on their caliber. Students who aim for smooth success in their endeavors. 

Benefits of Saraba Soolini Durga Homam - This Saraba Soolini Durga Homam helps one to get rid of mental/pshycological depression, remove fear/anxiety, cure diseases of the mind. It also protects one's factory/industry/organization from evil influences. 

Benefits of Swayamvara Kala Parvathi Homam - Removes obstacles for people seeking for the suitable bride or groom. Bestows with a happy married life. Gifts married women with a bountiful and meaningful life. People seeking the suitable bride/groom. People who are yearning for happy moments in their marital life. Women who are in search of Marital Happiness. 

Benefits of Ghandarva Raja Homam - Several doshas like horoscope dosham, planetary dosham, pithru dosham and curses of forefathers etc will be removed by participating in the yaagam. 

Benefits of Gayathri Homam- Gayathri homam is also called as Sukrutha homam that helps for experiencing more advantages in life. People who want to eradicate their negative qualities can perform this homam for reaching high levels in material and spiritual life. Children are largely benefited by this homam to prevent health issues. 

Benefits of Kubera Lakshmi Homam - Kubera Lakshmi Homam is a wonderful blessing to all those who are striving to prosper well in their material life. he specialty of Kubera Lakshmi Homam is that the wealth you accumulate by performing this ritual will stay and grow with you. 

Benefits of Vastu Homam - Vastu homam is a suitable one for those who want to avoid potential threats in a building. In addition, this homam makes feasible ways for overcoming mental disturbances to experience peace of mind. Anyone who wants to get positive energies in a building can choose this homam for experiencing desired outcomes. Benefits of Ashta Lakshmi Homam - To get success in busisness and to gain profits. 

Benefits of Ashta Bhairava Homam - People who yearn to sharpen their time management skills. People who crave for a debt-free life. Professionals who aim for multitasking abilities. People who want to get rid of their negative karma. 

Benefits of Shatrusamhara Homam - This Homa gives a person joy and authority. It protects and prevents one from evil eyes, curses of gods, planets and ancestors. 

Benefits of Rudra Homam - Hitch free life, Relief from unwanted problems, Relief from relationship issues, Unity and cordial atmosphere at your work place and home, as well. 

Benefits of Shree Suktha Homam - Shree Sukta Homam is also highly recommended for those who are in business. This auspicious Homa is capable enough to remove loss in business. It brings and also maintain the Financial Stability of an Organization. 

Benefits of Uma Maheshwari Homam - Performing Uma Maheshwari Homam confers the vibrant and ecstatic energies of Lord Shiva and Godess Parvathi and empowers you to experience the ultimate bliss of marital life. 

Benefits of Nakshatra Shanthi Homam - Nakshatra shanthi homam is an ideal one for obtaining the blessings from god to attain health, wealth and prosperity by resolving complex issues. 

Benefits of Shani Shanthi Homam - People who want to appease Lord Shani to overcome marriage / relationship issues. Ayushya Homam Is performed during the Janma nakshatra birthdays to protect one from Navagraha transitional ill effects and to improve one's health and longivity. 

Benefits of Rahu-Kethu Homam - Go after the life you want and get it. Take the life you have and improve it. Take any circumstance you're in and make it work for you. 

Benefits of Sudarshana Homam - Relief from sufferings caused by hostile elements, poison, sorcery, thieves. Relief from unexplainable diseases and illnesses. 

Benefits of Mars Homam - Control your health and comfort, Explore an avenue to display your talents, Cherish the moments of togetherness with your siblings, Formulate your own courageous decisions, Get showered with providential help. 

Benefits of Navagraha Homam - Relief from sufferings and hitches in life, Favorable situations in all your endeavors, The luck factor will favor you a lot, Blessings from all the 9 planets for a successful life with reduced depressions throughout. 

Benefits of Dhanvantri Homam - Powerful remedy for all your diseases, If the Homa is performed once in a year, it will lessen your health problems. 

Benefits of Dakshinamoorthy Homam - For excellent results and higher education of students. For sure success in school/college/university. To increase memory power. To bring immense success in competitive exams. 

Benefits of Thiristi Durga Homam - Relief from relationship problems. A dynamic and blessed life for the women race. Protection from life threats. Success in all your endeavors. Attaining spiritual and material blessings. 

Benefits of Mangala Gauri Homam - Invite Auspiciousness to Erase Negativity! 

Benefits of Karthaveeryarjuna Homam - Sometimes in life, you either misplace certain treasuries or miss out on a property or a very valued treasure due to some personal tribute etc. 

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