A Dormitory, or dorm, is a facility that houses beds for large numbers of people. As the Latin roots for this word imply, it is intended primarily for sleeping, and it is often attached to an institution. 

Dormitories are used to house prisoners, students, and members of militaries, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes all over the world. In some regions, there has been a shift away from the use of this term to describe facilities that are used for mixed purposes, like sleeping, studying, and recreating.

The origins of the dormitory are ancient, as people have always needed a place to sleep at night, and those in institutions have required sleeping space for large numbers of individuals. 

Housing people this way makes far more sense from an economic standpoint than giving people private rooms and homes, as it allows significant numbers of people to sleep in a comparatively small area. Living this way can also promote bonding, cooperation, and social skills among the residents.

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