5 Days 58 Homams


Every Pooja and homam is performed according to the Vedic tradition. They are conducted by learned and experienced vedic scholars (pundits), that are part of our Danvantri Peedam. have received guidance from H.H. Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal.


Sankalpam is derived from two words ‘SAT’ (which means Guna) and ‘KALPANA’ (which means imagination). So Sankalpam means a good intention. During the poojas we bring the mind from the vastness of time and space to here now. Vedic Mantras are chanted, has an effect on our being; the ancient Rishis figured out which sound created what impact on brain and that is how the Mantras were created. The mantras chanted during the Pooja is the process of making the Sankalpam manifest. Just as Sunlight is present everywhere, but when we keep it under a magnifying glass it creates fire. Sankalpam is like a magnifying glass. Attending the Pooja’s is definitely very beneficial, but taking a Sankalpam makes it more powerful. The choice is yours.


Maha Yagna Peedam conducts various Poojas and Homams on request by devotees for specific purposes. Devotees can take Sankalpam for various Poojas and Homams organized at Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam campus or other parts of the country also..


A homa is a sacred fire ceremony in which various forms of the Divine are invoked in a sacred fire that has been kindled according to the guidelines in the Vedic scriptures. Certain special offerings are made into the fire while Sanskrit mantras are chanted. The combination of the powerful energy of the fire and the Sanskrit mantras creates extremely auspicious and purifying vibrations that are beneficial to homa participants, the entire world, and the cosmos.

The smoke that rises from a homa contains a powerful healing energy, and as it rises to the heavens it purifies the atmosphere, both physically and subtly, encouraging a peaceful and pure environment. Even the damaging effects of natural catastrophes can be reduced through the performance of homas. The energetic vibrations that are invoked during a traditional Vedic fire ceremony represent the most powerful presence of the Divine on Earth. The element of fire is associated with the upward motion of the divine kundalini energy and is considered to be the most powerful purifying element. Every kind of negative karma can be purified by the sacred homa fire, due to Divine grace.


During a traditional puja, or worship ceremony, abhishekam is often performed. In an abhishekam, various liquids like milk, ghee and honey are poured in a steady stream over a murthi, or divine figurine, while specific Sanskrit mantras are recited. As the offerings are gently poured over the murthi, Divine blessings radiate out towards all those present, providing protection, purification, and spiritual elevation.

Sri Muralidhara Swamigal has explained that these sacred ceremonies "purify the Earth’s atmosphere, uplift the community, and contribute to the health and prosperity of the individual.” All homas and abhishekams are performed in Guruji’s divine presence, which makes the power of these ceremonies unimaginable.

The following Sakala Devata Gayathri Homams on Thursday 20th September 2018 by 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM. Sankalpa Kanikkai per family Rs. 11000/- (Eleven Thousand Only)

1. GANAPATHI HOMAM : Removes any obstacles in a venture or undertaking (business, education, etc) before starting.

2. BAGLAMUKHI HOMAM 20.09.2018 : Removes all the sorrows and gives confidence, fearlessness and courage. Fills the minds and hearts with positive energy to move the success path. Removes the debts and enhances prosperity at home. Fear of enemies is removed. The enemies will no more be able to confront you. They will grow powerless when trying to act against you and their vicious plots will turn futile and ineffective. Students get good marks and get a focused mind to concentrate on the studies better. Triumphs over lawsuits and succeeds in quarrels and competitions. If there are fluctuations in your life, this homam can help balance the positive and negative aspects and establish harmony in home and life.

3. ASHTA NAGA GARUDA HOMAM 20.09.2018 : This Homam removes negativities and bestow prosperity. It can also help to mitigate skin problems and issues relating to eye sight, and provide cure for conditions like insomnia, hypertension and toxins in blood.

4. SARASWATHI HOMAM 20.09.2018 : Solicits the grace and blessings of Saraswathi Devi for learning efficiently and topping in academics, gaining proficiency in arts and skills and excelling in all your creative pursuits. Also, this homam has the special power to help you overcome speech impediments like stutter, lisping, etc.

5. LAKSHMI HAYAGRIVA HOMAM 20.09.2018 : Removes the feeling of lack of confidence, laziness and ignorance and helps us to achieve our goals easily. Relieves us from mental pressure and improves our concentration, memory power, focus and our ability to understand complex things.

6. DHANVANTARI HOMAM 20.09.2018 : Bestows health, removes ailments and increases longevity.

7. DAKSHINAMURTHY HOMAM 20.09.2018 : Dakshinamurthy aspect of lord Shiva will help a person excel in his/her studies, by way of great association with his/her teachers.

8. SUDARSHANA HOMAM 20.09.2018 : Removes negative vibrations & keeps them at a distance.

The following Sakala Devata Gayathri Homams on Friday 21st September 2018 by 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM. Sankalpa Kanikkai per family Rs. 16000/- (Sixteen Thousand Only).


9. MAHISHASURA MARDHINI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Removes disputes, bestows physical & mental strength.

10. LAKSHMI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Lakshmi is the Goddess of fortune, wealth and prosperity, gives peace at work place & home. Bestows wealth and prosperity and manifests as the complete spiritual and material well-being of a person.

11. SEETHALA DEVI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Removes blocks or obstacles in growth, bestows peace & harmony.

12. GAYATRI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : To facilitate positive thinking and subsequently performing good karma.

13. KAALA SARPA SHANTHI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Removes any negative effects due to the astrological ‘Kalasarpa Dosha’ ,To get rid of doshas in horoscope.

14. BALA RANGANATHAR HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Sukra graha dosha nivarthi, receive immediate positive results.

15. DATTATREYA HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Confers great Material benefits. Worldly pleasures wealth and intelligence. Having the qualities of trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

16. ANNAPOORANI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : blessed with prosperity and health, better married life, children’s health and better growth.

17. LAKSHMI KUBERA HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Relieves you from debts, Amplifies sources of income, Enjoy inflow of funds, Accumulation of wealth, Increase profits accruing from business, Remove stumbling blocks toward acquiring material and monetary growth, Turn around your fiscal fortunes.

18. MAMERU HOMAM 21.09.2018 : It brings the spiritual as well as material wealth. It is the ultimate solution to all the negativity in the life. It pushes the negative energy and obstacles away from your life and your surroundings. Blessed with harmony and peace.

19. AROGYA LAKSHMI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : Prevents diseases, inculcates healthy habits and prevents disease right from the start. Brings helath, vitality to you and family. Her blessings ensure you stay healthy and wealthy with sound body and mind.

20. KAMADHENU HOMAM 21.09.2018 : This Homa is significantly important as many benefits are accrued through this ritual. This ritual helps you in gaining the blessings and grace of Goddess Lakshmi. Worshipping mother Kamadhenu helps in alleviating the sins committed by our Ancestors and also in wiping out the ancestral curse. Losses in business can be overcome by the performance of this worship. Debts can be easily resolved. Problems created by enemies would easily vanish.

21. VINAYAKA DANVANTRI HOMAM 21.09.2018 : It is the most powerful remedy for all health related problems. It will help you lead a disease free life. Helps you in getting relief from illness and chronic pain. To overcome the obstacles and welfare of the family, hurdles in the path of mind and soul will be neglect. It increases family bondage. To achieve success in life.

The following Sakala Devata Gayathri Homams on Saturday 22nd September 2018 by 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM. Sankalpa Kanikkai per family Rs. 21000/- (Twenty One Thousand Only).

22. KARTHIKAI KUMARAN HOMAM 22.09.2018 : This homam guards against enemies and other evil forces, Cures diseases and empowers, All debt related issues are solved, Positivity galore for all, Acquire new properties, real estate dealings are successful, Blessings of the Lord who has six faces, Renewed vigour and vivacity.

23. VARAHI HOMAM 22.09.2018 : This homam bless the devotee with protection, Remove negative force such as black magic, evils eyes etc..., Protects from unwarranted incidents such as accidents.

24. SANJEEVI ANJANEYAR HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Gives the strength to fight all illness, get good health, strength, vitality, courage, win over enemies, get give peace of mind. Leadership qualities are enhance and the worshipper gets the power to face all hurdles. His devotion teaches us to be dependable and trustworthy.

25. SASTHA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Purify body, soul and mind of a person in an effective way. Reduce the effects caused by shani (Saturn) in one’s horoscope. rRemedy for those who currently have shani dasa in your horoscope.

26. ASHTA BHAIRAVA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Blesses the devotees to achieve creativeness skill, enhance their knowledge to lead a successful life, provides incredible energy to attain success over their competitor, gives strength and courage to acquire massive achievement, helps to control harmful character which lead negative impact, helps to think and work only towards rewarding action, favors to get relief from evil spirits and negative effects to lead a peaceful and safety life, helps to eliminate all past bad karmas issues.

27. MAHA KALABHAIRAVA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Improves their punctuality which in turn helps to complete the work within the specified deadlines. Guards us against danger, accidents and other malefic events and blesses us with positive energy and success.Relieves us from huge debts and improves our financial status in life and liberates us from bad Karma. This homam makes one a great entrepreneur or a high level executive in an organization by increasing ones capacity to work very hard and ahead of their competitors.

28. SWARNAKARSHANA BHAIRAVA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Blessed with all fortunes, gold and other valuables, besides all entitled property.

29. PATTABHISHEKA RAMAR HOMAM 22.09.2018 : It reduces the effects of negative Karma and ensures that an individual achieves mental strength, vigour and vitality along with will power and self esteem.

30. KURMA LAKSHMI NARASIMHAR HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Bestows a person to get more wealth in life. Anyone who wants to reduce karmic issues and doshas can perform this homam for achieving goals to a wider extent.

31. LAKSHMI NARAYANA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Increases wisdom, positivity, brings prosperity and eliminates worries.

32. PITHRU DOSHA NIVARTHI HOMAM 22.09.2018 : This is done for Ancestors, to bring peace to their souls. To remove Pitru Dosha.

33. SAKTHI BALAJI HOMAM 22.09.2018 : To bestow wealth and prosperity.

34. AYUSHYA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Bestows longevity & improved quality of life.

35. MRITUNJAYA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Removes illnesses & health problems, bestows longevity.

36. RUDRA HOMAM 22.09.2018 : Removes negative impressions from the mind, purifies the body & mind, to remove all evils, for planetary doshas and for all-round prosperity.

37. NAVAGRAHA HOMAM on 22.09.2018 : Removes negative effects & enhances positive effects of the nine planets. To dilute the negative influences of planets and infuses peace and prosperity.

The following Sakala Devata Gayathri Homams on Sunday 23rd September 2018 by 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM. Sankalpa Kanikkai per family Rs. 25000/- (Twenty Five Thousand Only).

38. NAKSHATRA SHANTHI HOMAM 23.09.2018: To handle any doshas in the nakshatra of an individual,To be performed once in a year for longevity, for good health and to get rid of chronic ailments.

39. VAASTU SHANTHI HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Removes negative influences & bestows harmony in a living/working space.

40. KARTHAVEERYARJUNAR HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Will help one, regain any lost or stolen items or materials. Even if the material is permanently lost you will be able to get a compensation by performing this homam.

41. SOOLINI DURGA HOMAM 23.09.2018 : This homam Provides peace and tranquillity to the mind, Negates the effects of weak planets, Impedes all negative energies, Gives immediate results, Very beneficial to growing kids, Cures body and mind imbalances.

42. SHANI SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Removes malefic effect of saturn planet on you and to bestow good luck, peace and prosperity.

43. SHUKRA SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Bestows luck in marriage, marital happiness, finance and material happiness.

44. SURYA (RAVI) SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Bestows strength, confidence, health, good luck in progeny.

45. BUDHA SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Bestows intelligence, organizing capacity, good luck in education.

46. MANGAL (KUJA) HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Removes the negative influence of Mangal Mahadasha and Manglik Dosha (negative effect of mangal in marriage).

47. CHANDRA SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Removes the negative influence of Moon Mahadasha and bestows good health of the mind and body.

48. GURU SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Remove the negative influence of Guru Mahadasha and negative influence of Guru Gochara.

49. RAHU SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018: Removes negative influence of Rahu Dosha and Rahu Transit, makes mind more focused, Strengthens and enhances the positive energy and neutralizes the negative results of ragu dosha.

50. KETU SHANTI HOMAM 23.09.2018: Removes the negative influence of Ketu Dosha and Ketu Transit, removes disturbance of mind and negative vibrations.

51. KALACHAKRA HOMAM 23.09.2018 : This homam is a suitable one for a better life. A bad position of plannets may lead to various problems.

52. BALARISHTA HOMAM 23.09.2018 : Wards off Arishta that can cause early death. Wards off Balarishta Dosha.

53. PRATYANGIRA HOMAM 24.09.2018 : To overcome the negative energy. To protect from envy, jealousy, witchcraft and evil spirits.

The following Sakala Devata Gayathri Homams on Friday 21st September 2018 by 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM. Sankalpa Kanikkai per head, per Homam Rs. 2200/- (Two Thousand Two Hundred Only).

54. VASAVI HOMAM 24.09.2018 : Protects from all kinds of dangers and misfortunes. Improve appearance and beauty. Blesseds with good intellect, strong body, valour, and beauty.

55. NAVANEETHA KRISHNA (SANTHANA GOPALA) HOMAM 24.09.2018 : Bestows the devotee with a newborn child, Removes the effect of the Sarpa dosha.

56. GANDHARVA RAJA HOMAM 24.09.2018 : Male delay marriage.

57. PARVATI SWYAMVARA HOMAM 24.09.2018 : for those seeking a suitable life partner.

The following Sakala Devata Gayathri Homam on Monday 24th September 2018 by 5.30 PM to 7.00 PM. Sankalpa Kanikkai per head, per Homam Rs. 6000/- (Six Thousand Only).

58. SATHYANARAYANA HOMAM 24.09.2018 : Brings peace and happiness to your life, Get plenty of wealth and abundance, Removes obstacles that cause trouble, Realise the path of Truth, Prevent unexpected sudden death, Blessed with true knowledge.

This is a golden opportunity, make use of it. Attend the above homams with your family and get the blessings of Lord Danvantri along with Sri Muralidhara Swamigal.

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