Kala Bhairavar Homam 2018

With the Blessings of our Guruji, "Kayilai Gnanaguru” Dr. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal, we are performing Kala Bhairavar Homam on Kala Bhairava Jayanti, Friday 30th November 2018 in the occasion of Kala Bhairavar Jayanthi at our Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam by 10.00 AM.

Lord Kala Bhairava, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, is God of Time. He protects his devotees, removes all obstacles, cleans the soul with his sheer intensity and turns things around favorably for a sincere devotee.

Bhairava originates from the word bhīru, which means fearful. Bha means creation, ra means sustenance and va refers to destruction. Thus, Bhairava refers to the one who creates, sustains and dissolves the three stages of life.

Bhairava is recognized as the terribly fearful form of Shiva. As a Lord, He is actually the one who destroys fear or one who is beyond fear. He protects his devotees from dreadful enemies, greed, lust and anger.

He is also called Dhandapani (as holds a rod or Danda meant to punish sinners). His vahana is a dog and hence also referred to as Swaswa meaning "whose horse is a dog”.

Kala Bhairava :

Legends say that once when Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were discussing their superiority over one another, Lord Shiva became infuriated by some remarks of Lord Brahma. It is said that in the fury, Lord Bhairava appeared from Shiva’s forehead and severed one of the heads of Lord Brahma. Another version speaks of how Lord Bhairava emerged from a nail of Shiva’s finger, that he threw.

It is thus that Lord Brahma came to have four heads. With the Brahma Kapala (Brahma’s head) in the hands of Lord Bhairava, Brahma attained enlightenment, let go of his egoistic thoughts and arrogance.

Kala Bhairava Jayanti :

The Ashtami after Poornima which is the eighth day after the full moon, in the Hindu month of Kartik, is considered the most ideal day to pray to Kala Bhairava. This November 30th (2018) is the Maha Kalabhairava Ashtami or Kalabhairava Jayanti – the most auspicious day to offer your prayers to Him. It commemorates the birthday of Lord Kala Bhairava.

The name Kalashtami is also used to refer to this thithi (day), ie any ashtami in Krishna paksha, all of which are considered sacred days for worship of Kala Bhairava.

On this day, Lord Bhairava, Shiva and his consort Parvati are worshiped with flowers, fruits and sweets. Dogs (vahana of Lord Bhairava) are also fed milk and food. Deceased ancestors are remembered and also offered oblations on this day.

Worshipping Lord Kala Bhairav on this day bestows good health and success, and nullifies malefic effects of Shani and Rahu dosha.

Perform Puja to Lord Kala Bhairava on the auspicious Kalabhairava Jayanti, this November 30th .

Benefits of Kala Bhairavar Homam :

By worshiping Lord Shiva in the form of Kala Bhairava one seeks forgiveness for sins committed knowingly/ unknowingly. can get rid of all the misfortune.

Those who are facing problems due to long overdue debts, who are undergoing the Sade Satti / Shani Dosha period, whose Rahu is in unfavourable position in the natal charts and are in fear of black magic effects, are recommended to offer puja to Kala Bhairava for resolution.

It believed that a true devotee will be blessed with all-round success and is exempted from his sins. Please attend the above homa on the auspicious Kalabhairava Jayanti, this November 30th and get the blessings.

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