Suyamvarakala Parvathi Homam

Suyamvarakala Parvathi Homam Marriage is considered as a very important event in everyone's life. Because of some doshas the marriage gets delayed. Suyamvarakala Parvathi yagam eliminates the marriage barriers and the person gets married shortly.

This Parvathy Homam is for goddess Parvathi. The manthras chanted in this yagam is the same which goddess Parvathi chanted for Lord Shiva. By the benefit of this yagam, Parvathi married Lord Shiva.

So the unmarried persons gets married by participating in this yagam which eliminates the marriage barrier. This yagam starts with Ganapathi Pooja and Navagraha homam . After making the resolution to get married shortly this Suyamvarakala Parvathi yagam continues. Benefits of this yagam is extraordinary.

All kinds of marriage obstacles get eliminated and with blessings of their parents one will get married soon. Spouses will be suitable for each other and lead the life happily. Also the married life will be more affectionate, happier and unity. Last Sunday of every month, this yagam is conducted for women.

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