Thampathi Puja

Dampati Puja is for husband and wife as a couple , presuming that the worship was for ĎAdi- Dampatisí , Shiva and Shakti.  It is an occasion to pay our respect to the couple and present them some essentials useful for them.

What is the Event 
Identify a couple (preferably very seniors , within or outside your family circle who made a difference not 
only to their own family but to many out side their relatives or some one who is great at heart.

Honour this couple by doing any of the following:

1.Make them both sit comfortably in chairs

2.Wash their feet ,  puja with flowers

3.Give them clothes or anything  you know they need

4.Do a pradakshina around and they are the supreme couple of the moment

Devotees anyone need funds for Dampati Puja . Please contact us.

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