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Sri Krishna Yajur Veda Patasala

Dr.Sri Muralidhara Swamigal is happy to introduce the "Sri Krishna Yajur Veda Patasala" on 22nd April 2015 between 9Am - 10Am in our peedam.

The main intention to start this Veda Patasala is to give the veda sashthra knowledge to the small children, where we sow the seeds; will grow as a tree in the future. Vedham is most important in our life, by which on chanting these vedas, positive vibrations will automatically get into us. Once the positive energy get into us, what ever we do will be good and only the good will reach you too.

Features & Facilities :

Children of 7 - 11 years can join.
Boarding, Food are provided free
More than 5 vedha teachers are available.
There are 73 deities in our peedam. It is an absolute place to learn vedha and mantras on these deities also.

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