Homa Kundam

Homa Kundam

Opening the door to heaven - NAKSHATRA HOMA KUNDAM
(HOMA KUNDAM for 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 27 stars)

The Swaaha Peedam is incorporated within the Homa Kundam. Once the negativities are dissolved with the red chillies being consigned to the fire, the herbs and spices are consigned to the flames with a sense of surrender to the cosmic forces inviting healing energies.

This Swaaha Peedam is the conveyor of the healing energies to the person it is intended for.

Homa Kundam (8.00a.m to 10.00a.m)

List of Seva
Per Day
Ghee Seva
Flower Seva
Neivedhyam Seva
Pooja - Doopa - Deepa Seva
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