Sri Vinayagar danvantri

Sri Vinayagar danvantri

Why is Ganesha called Vinayagar? Our 'Nayagar' - 'hero'? The question arises as to why Lord Ganesha was installed in a space dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal says he does this entirely by intuition, and he does what he is instructed to do, no matter that such instruction may go against the established practices of tradition and convention.

There is another way in which the concept of Lord Ganesha is connected to the concept of Lord Danvantri; read the following Tamil saying: Vinai Theerpavar Vinayagar; Pini Theerpavar Danvantri - Vinayagar removes obstacles and Danvantri, disease.

This energy space is unique inasmuch as both Vinayagar and Danvantri, facing opposite directions, have been carved from a single stone. Vinayagar has the disc and the conch in His upper hands, and He rests on a lion, not on his normal vehicle, the mole. He also has the writing instrument and the modhakam in His lower hands. His face appears to be smiling - like the welcoming smile of a receptionist!

The Vinayagar shrine is open 24 hours - as a hospital should be! A unique feature of this "V" nayagar is that He adorns the thirunamam. In this energy space He is depicted as Thumbikai Azhwar.

The Danvantri idol which rests back to back with the Ganesha idol has Goddess Lakshmi in His heart symbolising a doctor with a heart of abundance. In His upper hands He holds the conch and the disc. He holds a seendhal kodi (Pergularia daemia) in His lower left hand, the amruta kalasam (the pot of the nectar of immortality) in His lower right hand. Also in His left hand is a leech, which is used in Ayurveda and other medical disciplines as well to suck out impure blood, , especially in treatment of skin ailments.

People may come at any time of night or day to seek these energies. "Who are we, mere mortals, to stop another from addressing these energies in their time of distress?" opines the Swamigal. At night, people can state their intention to the presiding energy by themselves. They may also drop a note with their problem written on it and the next day, the centre conducts a special chanting for their good health.

On the day of the Thiruvonam star, individuals can undertake a special abhishekam. They use gingelly (sesame) oil to anoint the idol and that is given back as a massaging agent. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal has denoted the Thiruvonam star in the Tamil month of Chithirai (April - May) as a special day for doctors; he refers to it as the Doctors' Mela day. These are the people who offer us solace from pain and fear; how about a thought for their well-being?

Unique feature

You can designate a service to invoke Lord Danvantri's healing energies for your doctor. In this space, there is a bowl of black and red berries (kundumani) representing rahu and ketu. Make your intention with the utmost sincerity and it will be addressed - that is the belief.

Sri Vinayagar danvantri (8.00a.m to 10.00a.m)

List of Seva
Per Day
Homa Seva(10.00a.m-1.00p.m)
Abisheka Seva
Vasthira Seva
Flower Seva
Neivedhyam Seva
Pooja - Doopa - Deepa Seva

  1. Sri Athri Magarishi Paadam
  2. Sri Nava Kannigaigal
  3. Sri Anushya Devi (Aththi Tree)
  4. Sri Sridi Surya Baba
  5. Sri Medha Dakshinamoorthy
  6. Sri Vallalar (Ramalinga Adigalar)
  7. Naga Kanni
  8. Parents Temple
  9. Sri Kuzhandhai Ananda Maha Swamigal
  10. Sri Seshadri Swamigal
  11. Sri Suriya-Chandran
  12. Sri Bala Murugan
  13. Sri Lord Buddha
  14. Sri Mahan Gurunanak
  15. Sri Ramana Maharishi
  16. Sri Veera Brahmam Garu
  17. Sri Mahaveer
  18. Vana devatha
  19. Sri Paal Muneeswarar
  20. Sri Golden Shridi Sai Baba
  21. Sri Kanchi Maha Periyavar
  22. Sri Ragavendrar
  23. Sri Sthala Virutcham - Punnai Tree
  24. Baba Dhuni
  25. Tulasi Maadam(Brindhavanam)
  26. Sri Vinayagar danvantri
  27. Sri Danvantri vinayagar
  28. Sri Kaala Chakram
  29. Peedam Flag
  30. Sri Mahishasuramardhini - (8 Feet)
  31. Jana akarshana yantra peedam
  32. Pancha Deepam
  33. Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameswari
  34. Sri Karthaveeryarjunar
  35. Sri Ashta Naaga Garudan
  36. Sri Paadha Asthi Mandapam
  37. Sri Danvantri Perumal- (8 Feet)
  38. Sri Sudarsana Azhwar
  39. Sri Bala Ranganathar
  40. Sri Pattabhisheka Ramar - (7 Feet)
  41. Goddess Gajalakshmi
  42. Sri Arogya Lakshmi
  43. Dhana akarshana yantra peedam
  44. Sri Sathya Narayana Perumal
  45. Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar
  46. Sri Kurma Perumal
  47. Sri Vani Saraswathi
  48. 468 Siddhars - (form of siva Lingams)
  49. Swarna Annapoorani
  50. Sri Karthikai Kumaran
  51. Karthigai Pengal
  52. Sri Gayathri Devi
  53. Sri Maha Meru
  54. Sri Lakshmi Hyagrivar
  55. Sri Vedanta Desikar
  56. Sri Dattatreya
  57. Sri Manikandan/Sri Iyyappan
  58. Sri Raghu-Kethu
  59. Lakshmi Kuberar
  60. Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar/Sorna kala Bairavar
  61. Sri Maragadheswarar
  62. Sri Maragadhambikai
  63. Ashta bhairavar
  64. Ashta Kaala Bairavar
  65. Sri Vasthu Bhagavan
  66. Ashtadik paalakar
  67. Pancha Bhoothangal
  68. Shri Avtar Baba
  69. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar
  70. Sri Agasthiyar
  71. Sri kalyana srinivasar
  72. Sri kamadhenu
  73. Sri Sanjeevi Anjaneyar 9 Feet
  74. Navagraha anjaneyar
  75. Sri Chendhura Anjaneyar
  76. Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi
  77. Sri Bharath Matha
  78. Athi Tree (Anjeer) (Anushya Devi)
  79. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal Parents Temple
  80. Sri Soorya Chandran
  81. Sri Buddha Piran
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