Maha Sudharshana Homam

Maha Sudharshana Homam

Why Maha Sudharshana Homam? 
Maha Sudharshana Homam is an immensely potent Vedic ritual which invokes the grace and blessings of Lord Sudharshana, the chief deity of this Homam, to destroy your enemies, protect you from sorcery and evil spells, heal serious health disorders and prevent you from accidents and injuries. 

Who is Lord Sudharshana? 
Lord Sudharshana is none other than the divine manifestation of the extremely popular and unconquerable weapon, Sudharshana Chakram wielded by Maha Vishnu, the Supreme Lord, to demolish evil and establish righteousness.

Benefits of performing Maha Sudharshana Homam 
Since Sudharshana Chakram is the powerful weapon of Maha Vishnu Himself, Sudharshana Homam helps you conquer all your known and unknown enemies who hinder your growth and success. 

Annihilates evil forces 
When you become successful and prosper well in life, many people may try to overthrow you through cowardly means like pilli, soonyam, yeval(sorcery, voodoo) and other evil spells. Maha Sudharshana Homam prevents you from such evil forces and also annihilates them and acts as a protective shield in future. Therefore, Maha Sudharshana Homam is highly recommended to politicians, celebrities, criminal advocates, businessmen and all those who lead a public life and have to deal with strong hostility. 

Bestows spiritual progress 
Sudharshana means 'Divine Vision'. Sudharshana Chakram helps you gain the Divine Vision of Maha Vishnu, which can be obtained only after all the earthly desires are fulfilled. 

Performing Maha Sudharshana Homam enables you to attain this highest goal of life as it makes you receive the blessings of Maha Vishnu Himself. That is why even the infamous asuras like Narakasura, Shishupala and Makara were all vanquished and at the same time liberated by the legendary Sudharshana Chakram.

Speedy relief from health diseases and prevention of accidents/injuries
The constantly revolving nature of Sudharshana Chakram makes it unconquerable and powerful enough to heal severe health problems in no time. Once when a village was struck by an epidemic disease, Swami Desikan sought the grace and blessings of Lord Sudharshana by composing Sudharshana Ashtakam. Soon after he finished composing it, the people of the village were completely relieved and healed from the contagious disease.

When Sudharshana Chakram is invoked, it activates the spiritual energies in your body and creates tremendous positives vibrations. Hence, performing Maha Sudharshana Homam heals you from severe diseases, injuries and health ailments and empowers you with renewed vigour and high spiritual energy. This will naturally speed up your materialistic growth and prosperity. Also, Maha Sudharshana Homam creates a protective shield around you to prevent you from accidents and injuries.

Maha Sudharashana Homam is ideal for both sick persons as well as sportspersons. For the former, Sudharshana Chakram ensures speedy recovery and good health, whereas for the latter it grants vitality and strength, prevents injuries and ensures victory.

Ideal days to conduct Maha Sudharshana Homam
Maha Sudharshana Homam serves highly beneficial and effective when performed on the days special to Maha Vishnu. So Ekadasi, Dwadasi, and even Pournami(full moon) days, which come on Wednesday or Saturday is best recommended.

Moreover, performing one Maha Sudharshana Homam is equivalent of conducting ten homams dedicated to other demi-gods. Such powerful Maha Sudharshana Homam should be conducted with purity of thought, proper intonation and right pronunciation. Therefore, a learned Vedic scholar must be sought for reaping the maximum benefits and goodness of Sudharshana Chakram.

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